Rochford Hundred Golf Club

Dress Code & Etiquette

We request that all members, guests and visitors respect the normal traditions of a Golf Club in the way they dress.

On the Course (includes practice areas and putting green)

  • On the Course (includes practice areas and putting green)
  • Smart attire is expected at all times.
  • Dress code for players on the Course is based on the wearing of suitable golf attire.

Acceptable golf wear includes

  • Golfing trousers
  • Shirts with collars. Collarless/crew neck shirts only when from a recognised golf manufacturer
  • Shorts which are tailored above the knee in length
  • Socks worn with shorts should be visible above the shoe

Unacceptable golf wear includes

  • Shirts with a longer length designed to be tucked into the waistband may not be worn over the waistband
  • Blue Denim or tracksuit bottoms
  • Non tailored shorts or 3/4 length trousers for men
  • Large pocket cargo shorts or trousers
  • Rugby, Hockey, or Football style jerseys
  • Shirts or outer garments should not be heavily embossed with logos or numbers.
  • Tee shirts
  • Trainers or other non-golfing footwear

Hats and Caps are to be worn as designed and not backwards.

Acceptable Attire in the Clubhouse

  • Golf shoes should be cleaned before entering the clubhouse. If your golf shoes are not compliant then regular shoes must be worn
  • Members must change from wet clothing before entering either the spike bar or lounge bar
  • Hats and Caps must be removed before entering the Clubhouse
  • Denim may be worn in the Clubhouse but must not be ripped or faded
  • For general use or entertainments events, carveries, post golf, private functions etc smart casual is acceptable. Faded or ripped denims are not acceptable
  • Golf shoes that have soft spikes or pimples may be worn in the Main Bar/Dining area during summer months April to October as long as they have been cleaned prior to entry. Metal Spikes are not allowed
  • When lunch is served in the dining room during a competition, golfing attire is accepted but wet clothing must be changed.
    Waterproofs are not to be worn at any time
  •  Bare or socked feet are not permissible at any time
  • Beach/swimming pool flip flops or sliders are not allowed in the Main Bar or Dining room at any time
  • For official Club functions e.g. Club Competitions involving evening catering, Inter Club matches etc. a jacket, shirt and tie or roll neck shirt, tailored trousers, shall be the normal standard dress unless otherwise stipulated
  • The Club Secretary, Captain or Vice-Captain may vary the application of the above dress codes from time to time
  • Members must take responsibility for advising their guests of the correct dress code that applies in the Clubhouse

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