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Using only the very latest in technology - Trackman 4 , V1 video analysis and K-Vest 7, at Rochford Hundred we will advise you on the best method to help you to achieve maximum improvement.

Understanding what is happening in your golf swing is a huge factor in helping you improve as a golfer. Whether you are a scratch golfer or beginner the technology in our performance studio at the Michael Vandenberg Golf Academy will help you
fully understand what is happening in your individual swing and how we can help you improve it.

As a golf coach Michael Vandenberg is always looking to improve his knowledge to help his students improve their game. In January 2016 he visited Orlando, Florida to start the process to become a TPI Certified Golf Instructor. Since then he has furthered his education by visiting the TPI headquarters in Oceanside California to complete his Golf Level Three course.

Having taken the course and passed all the related tests Michael has now gained his Level One, Two, Three and Power Golf certifications. These certifications have given him a greater understanding of how limitations in the body's movements have a direct effect on a persons ability to swing the golf club and what swing faults are attributed to the restrictions in movement a player might have.


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